“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” a true fact of life according to Hollywood. Diamonds are said to last forever and symbolize love and luxury, but how would you feel if your symbol of love aided to the environmental devastation of certain areas in the world? Both the mining of gold and diamonds are inherent to social and environmental controversy for decades.

At Diamo Diamonds we believe in sustainable luxury. By using only Laboratory grown diamonds and recycled gold we try to minimize this social and environmental impact whilst creating our magnificent jewelry.

The Diamo solitaire diamond jewelry collection exhales luxury and craftsmanship. Every rough diamond is manmade after which it has been cut to perfection to create a perfect brilliant diamond full of life and fire. The pure gold used to make the 14-karat gold rings, earrings and necklaces have been purely recycled. To finish each Diamo Diamond jewel a signature manmade emerald is visibly placed inside.

Beauty, elegance, and responsible; a Diamo Diamond can truly be considered a girl’s best friend.